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Mother's Day Event Roundup!!

             Round up of Mother's Day Event at Panch Pakwan

 My sincere thanks to all of you!  Wonderful blogger friends!  Who took an effort to make this event so Successful.. 
I am so happy that everyone participated in this event. Do visit these all blogger who has contributed to this event .  As your time permits because everyone has shared their most cherished memories with their Mother and Food.

 Please email me at mailto: if I have missed any of your entries.

Slipa says her mother’s favorite sweet dish is Rasmalai. She has made this amazing rasmailai as her 100th post. She learnt this dish from her mother.

Aha Latha has prepared this spicy mushroom manchurian  first time and turn out really good. She want to dedicate this recipe to her mother.


Swathi ‘s  mother loved sweet dishes and that’s why she made this yummy payasam to dedicate to her mother.

Seemebadanekayi or chayote was grown by Thushita  mother in their garden and made many veggie delicacies  of this veggie. And she always remember her mother while making this delicious recipe.

Niloufer says this is easy breezy snacks. Her mother use to make this and pack for her when she was in school days. She has shared very nice story  too with this recipe. Do checkout!

Kozhukatta ( Sweet Dumplings)

Neetu says this is her favorite dish from school days. As she use to come back from her school her mother use to make this yummy sweet dumplings!

Green Moongdal and Brinjal Curry

Kalai has shared an amazing story with this delicious curry. Do checkout! 

Smitha has shared some beautiful story with this chat pat pani poori. Do checkout!

Padhu’s  kids love capsicum and corn so much that she made this delicious  dish for them. She makes most of the dishes as per the liking of her kids.

Rajee has made this yummy sweet dishes with 3 main ingredients. Do checkout!

Hirini & Jaya says, this  dish is the  most favorite from childhood days. Her grandmother and amma use to make this. They have made this yummy dish and dedicating to them.

Smitha says as a kid she enjoyed this yummy mango lassi. Now she makes this at home for her kids and they also enjoy it.

Jagruti  says she has learned many recipes from her mother. This is her favorite dish too. She has written nice story with this dish. Do checkout!

Nandini is celebrating her mother’s day with delicious sweet dish.

Nithu  says her mother loves mango and she makes many delicious dishes with mangoes.
She is dedicating this yummy dish to her mother.

Sadana& Muskaan are dedicating this yummy Mexican dish on mothers day.

Kiran says, she has learnt this recipe from her mother. She also has shared nice story how the pickles are prepared at her home. She dedicates this pickle recipe to her mother. Do checkout!

Kiran  has shared very interesting story with this amazing snack made with ash ground. do checkout!

Harini & Jaya says that nan khatai was their favorite from school days. They  also shared a nice story with this recipe. Do checkout!

Priya and her mother loves strawberries anytime. She has dedicated this yummy strawberry kheer to her mother.

Priya  says that this delicious dish is her mother’s one of the signature dish. Priya learned this dish  from school days and this is her comfort food.

Sanyukta  mother loves any type of dosai..but this was her  favorite.. She had dedicate this dish to her mother.

Sanyukta learned lots of variations with paneer from her  mother..and this is her all time favorite dish.

Roha has share this authentic hyderabadi dish & celebrating her mother day.

Aruna is sharing her special recipe dish on mother's day event.

Kalva  says her mother prepare the best sorakya. And sent this yummy  dal to dedicate to her mother.

Anu says that she has learnt this delicious dish form her mother.  and dedicating this dish to her mother.

Sathya says that her mother make amazing food delicacies. She dedicates this yummy recipe to her mother. And also shared nice writ up. do checkout!

Prani say this payasma is her mother’s favorite sweet dish. She has shared beautiful write up do checkout!

Cham says her mother loves sweet dishes. she is  dedicating this yummy  to her mother.

Preeti  says she loved her mother this yummy cake. She has shared nice write up too.
Do checkout!

Az say that she loves this chat pata pani poori very much. And also shared story with it.
Do checkout!

Madhavi  learned this authentic maharashtrian dish from her mother. Do checkout her  recipe under my guest blog label.
Usha is celebrating Mother's Day with this yummy banana cake!
Nitu Says her mother loves coconut burfi and she is celebrating mother's day with these yummy sweet dish!

That's me ,this sweet dish I learnt from my mother.  I make this often and dedicating this recipe to my mother. Its very famous sweet dish in Karnataka.

Priya says her mother loves this dish very much. She is celebrating her mother's day with kalakand.
Sushma says creamy vegetable is her mother''s favorite dish. She is celebrating her mother's day with this yummy curry.
Mymoonah says her mother loves sweet dishes.
She is celebrating mother's day with yummy ice cream.
Sonu says she loves this healthy dosa prepared by her mother. She has nice write up too.
Do checkout!
Kanchan says her mother is a superwoman and she is really proud of her. Do checkout her nice story with this delicious veg recipe!
Kalyani says her mother loves  all kind pastries . So she is celebrating her mother's day with creating yummy muffins.
Manju is cherishing memories on mother's day with this yummy curd rice. She has shared nice story too.Do checkout.
SS say is celebrating her mother's day with this yummy jam. She has shared nice story too. Do checkout!

Again its me ! This recipe is very famous in Maharashtra . We too make this at home often.
Do checkout my write up too.
Shri & Shri say that their excite to start a new blog with this delicious recipe & celebrating mother's day.
PJ has created this authentic Maharashtrian dish to celebrate mother's day. She also has written nice write up too. Do checkout!
Healthy Laddoos
Rachana is celebrating mother's day with this yummy ladoos. She has written nice write up too. Do checkout!
Piya say these pickles are her mother's signature dish. She also shared nice write up too. Do checkout.
Suma says this is their favorite breakfast.
She has learnt from her mother. She has written nice write up too.Do checkout!


Nithu Bala said...

Jyoti, this is such a lovely round up..will definetly visit our friends blog..

Preeti Kashyap said...

I loved the round mnay new recipes to try out!

Kiran said...

A very wonderful round-up and many dishes to learn.

Unknown said...

Beautiful round up... Will visit everyone sooner or later and try making some of these yummy dishes!!!

shriya said...

Nice round up. Good place to find some tasty recipes. Thanks for sharing.

sonu said...

wow !! absolute beauty...such yummy recipes all together...will surely go thru all blogs.. thanx jyoti for the lovely and soon round up :)

Mrs.Ahmed said...

Hi Joyti,

Thanks for adding my recipe,Its my first Event,am soo happy,


Kanchan said...

Wonderful roundup Jyoti !

Preety said...

great roundup dear..

I didn't know this event was going on..missed this time..

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

very successful round up jyothi,
Hats off to you...its a delicious feast to eyes...Thank you dear.

Aruna Manikandan said...

Lovely roundup :-)

Sushma Mallya said...

Very beautiful and a neat round up jyoti..very nicely done..and congrats on completing it successfully

Niloufer Riyaz said...

jyothi, thats a wonderful roundup. happy mothers day to all mothers.

Vidya Chandrahas said...

Wonderful round up Jyoti. such a mouth watering recipes in one place....will definetly visit everyone.

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) said...

hey jyoti,thanks for adding my entry..i truly appreciate.lovely roundup...great experience participating...and so quick..thanks so much...happy blogging...

SathyaSridhar said...

Jyoti,, Well Done dear very nice round up after seeing all these recipes makes me hungry n mouthwatering dear...all recipes are superb n delicious..

Priya Suresh said...

Wat an excellent roundup, loved the way u have presented this roundup..many beautiful dishes..

Hari Chandana P said...

Wowwww... wonderful roundup.. Awesome job dear!!

Rajee Mani said...

Wonderful round-up Jyoti. Lotsa of great recipes..

Life is beautiful !!! said...

Thanks a lot. Wonderful roundup :) Will go through when I am free.

kamalabhoopathy said...

The round up is neat and well planned nice Jyothi well done.

Suja Manoj said...

Beautiful round up...many beautiful dishes..will surely go through these blogs.

Rachana said...

A beautiful roundup.... so many new dishes to try out :)

divya said...

A very wonderful round-up and many dishes to learn.

RV said...

Loved all the entries especially the bundt cake and strawberry kheer.. yumm.

Madhuri Krishna Bhat said...

Awesome Mother's day round ups.well done Jyoti

Hayley said...

Wonderful round up Jyoti !! great job done...

Gita Jaishankar said...

Congrats awesome roundup dear :)

Swathi said...

Lovely roundup Jyoti, Lot of dishes, what is makes more special is mother's touch in each of them.

Cham said...

That is a variety of food! Great job for mOther's Day!

Namitha said...

Such a lovely roundup..

Indian food recipes said...

so many yummy recipes 2 try out!tnx 4 the lovely round up dear

Madhavi said...

Hey Jyoti!!! really good round up
with so many good dishes to try out...

Thanks for this wonderful event!!!


Madhavi said...

Greattt round-up :))

Umm Mymoonah said...

Excellent roundup Jyothi, with all lovely recipes

Unknown said...

wonderful round up dear..grt job...

Uma said...

Wow! an amazing range of Mom's recipes!

Unknown said...

Thats a wonderful roundup, Jyoti..Great job!!

Krishnaveni said...

wonderful recipes...great work Jyoti

Rachana said...

Great round up Jyoti!


♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Hullo PAL,
what a delicious round up, i wanna check all these super goodies and love them too!!
Love ur mothers day post and i have one too...

I love giveaways , as muc as u do!!!!

So Am also here to tell u something interesting!!!
SUper giveaway at this link...psst psst, am sure u love LE CRUESET ,dont ya?
Well its jus one of the goodies u can chose:-))))

and a few pans and cutters too...baking is fun aint it...

Follow the rules and ur on ur way to a good win-all the best to ya!!

shahana said...

Wonderful roundup!

M D said...

Nice round up with a post like this one dedicated to mothers.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Lovely round up Jyoti! I missed this event somehow :-( Will surely go through these wonderful recipes in my free time.

Hamaree Rasoi

Nandinis food said...

Lovely round-up! Yummy dishes at one place:)

Padhu Sankar said...

I am back from my vacation .What a fantastic round up!! Keep rocking

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